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Rointe Delta Wi-Fi electric radiators for social housing associations

rointe radiator

Greenvision Energy is an expert in electric heating and off gas solutions, and we can supply and fit one of the most advanced low energy consumption radiators – the Rointe Delta Wi-Fi – for your social housing association.

If you’re looking for a cost effective off gas solution to reduce your tenants’ fuel bills and to improve your housing stock, the Rointe Delta Wi-Fi radiator is ideal. This electric radiator has some important technological features that can help you with both housing maintenance and ensuring your tenants have warm heated homes.

Wi-Fi enabled radiators – keeping you connected with your tenants’ heating needs

Your social housing association may have vulnerable tenants, such as the elderly or disabled, who struggle to programme their heating systems.

The Rointe Delta Wi-fi electric radiator is ideal as it allows you to remotely set whatever times and temperatures your tenants require for heating their homes. Vulnerable tenants will have properly set-up radiators with no need for you to attend the property, which is very useful for those living in remote locations or assisted living complexes.

A hand-held tablet with big, easy to use controls is also available for tenants able to set the heating systems themselves.

This electric radiator can also perform the necessary diagnostic checks so your housing association can keep on top of the heating maintenance of the property.

We can provide a free installation trial of this radiator, for more details please call 0115 854 7498 or email

Other benefits of Rointe Delta Wi-Fi radiators

The Rointe Delta Wi-Fi radiator is incredibly efficient thanks to its patented Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology consisting of a microprocessor, thermostat and exclusive software that controls temperature variations to fractions of a degree.

Less temperature variation means less energy used. The radiator circulates heat around the whole room by natural air convection heating, leaving no cold spots or fluctuation in room temperature.

The Rointe Delta Wi-Fi radiator comes with a 10-year warranty for complete peace of mind and is very easy to install, with a whole house taking no longer than one day.

Experience in electric heating installation

Our experience in installing electric heating for housing associations, such as Guinness Partnership, Nottingham Community Housing Association, Boston Mayflower and many more, means they and their tenants have benefited from cost saving energy efficient measures and lower fuel bills.

Another important feature of our installation service for social housing associations is TABS - our tariff switching and benefit checking service (click here for more information).



Delta Wi-Fi Radiator

Rointe Delta is a most advanced, low energy consumption Wi-Fi radiator, beautifully designed and looks great in any environment. Set different times and temperatures remotely for your tenants via an online app, or tenants can control their radiator with an easy to use tablet. The perfect solution for elderly, vulnerable or partially sighted tenants.

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Delta Wi-Fi Towel Rails

A state-of-the-art Wi-Fi towel rail, this will look stylish in any bathroom. It heats the whole bathroom and dries towels incredibly efficiently. It can be programmed remotely via an online app. The perfect solution for elderly, vulnerable or partially sighted tenants.

Free Trial

Water Cylinders

Rointe hot water cylinders are self-regulating. Hot water is available 24/7 for your tenants. They are highly efficient and a cost effective water heating solution. Thanks to Rointe's revolutionary Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology, energy consumption is reduced and you can control temperatures to the exact degree. The perfect solution for elderly, vulnerable or partially sighted tenants.

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The benefits of Rointe Delta radiators for tenants

Find out more

The benefits of Rointe Delta radiators for housing associations

Find out more

Why choose Greenvision Energy?

  We are approved Rointe installers which means you will receive expert advice and an extra three years’ guarantee on their Rointe Delta Wi-Fi radiators. Also free trials are available on the Rointe Delta Wi-Fi radiator and other energy saving technologies.
  Tenants receive a Free Tariff and Benefits Services (TABS) check. We will make sure they are on the right tariff and getting the best deal from their energy provider, saving them £100s per year. And we will ensure they are receiving the relevant benefits such as the Warm Home Discount and Winter Fuel Allowance.
  Tenants will receive consolidation packs that includes forms showing radiator room settings - preset times and temperatures, training on how to operate their new heating system, operational manuals and a guide on ways to save energy.
  We subscribe to a multi-measured approach to reduce energy consumption and fuel poverty. We offer a one-stop shop: survey, funding, installation, project management, education and procurement. We carry out energy audits and EPCs to identify the best funding solutions for installing energy efficient measures to your properties that give you best return on investment.
  Smart meters and energy monitoring. Greenvision Energy has a range of smart meters and monitoring equipment to help you monitor and evaluate new technologies for energy efficiency, temperature and humidity.