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Deeter Boiler Control

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Prevent hot water being reheated unnecessarily, cutting your fuel bill by 20%. Product code: GVEdeeter1 

24 - 36 month payback

'Fit and forget'

3 year warranty

Deeter Boiler Control

Cut your fuel bill by 20% with just one installation; adapting the anti-cycling technology of large commercial boilers for the domestic market, Deeter Boiler Control prevents hot water being reheated unnecessarily without any loss to comfort.

What’s wrong with my regular boiler?

Most boilers aren't 'intelligent' and are managed on a time rather than temperature basis. As such, these boilers often fire up their heating mechanism unnecessarily, reheating water that is sufficiently hot and causing excess heat to escape up the boiler flue. This process - called ‘dry-cycling’ - is one of the main reasons why most boilers are extremely inefficient in their energy usage and cause customers to receive higher energy bills than they should.

In addition to this energy-wasting problem, most conventional boiler systems are designed to work most efficiently when there is an 11°C difference between the water temperatures in the flow and return pipes. Depending on the make of boiler, this might mean water leaves your boiler at 66°C and returns at 55°C, or leaves at 64°C and returns at 53°C. Unfortunately, the water temperature settings of these boilers are usually fixed, and set to accommodate for the coldest expected external temperatures, causing you to waste energy and money in the warmer summer months due to exacerbated dry-cycling.

Why use Deeter Boiler Control?

The Deeter Boiler Control solves all these problems. The ‘smart’ system is wired between the time clock and the room thermostat, taking control over the management of your boiler. Combining the power of its extremely accurate sensors on both the flow and return water pipes and its high performance microprocessor, Deeter Boiler Control monitors the temperature of both pipes in real time and automatically adjusts the boiler’s temperature threshold settings and firing cycle to ensure your boiler is running to its maximum energy efficiency. The Deeter Boiler Control is so expertly designed to monitor boiler temperature that you can cut your energy usage by 20% with just this one simple installation.

Deeter Boiler Control also combats all the problems of standard boiler temperature control technology, as identified in several Building Research Establishment reports, through its exclusive boiler monitor software; without any user input, the Deeter Boiler Control will always keep your home warm and will be saving you money every second of the day.

Though anti-cycling technology is now quite commonplace in the commercial boiler market, Deeter Boiler Control is one of the first boiler management systems to make this technology affordable to domestic and small commercial customers. Without cutting corners on quality, Deeter Boiler Control offers the professional quality of industry-standard large commercial boiler management systems for your home boiler system.

What are the benefits of Deeter Boiler Control?

Up to 20% fuel saving

Reduces CO₂ emissions

24 – 36 month payback

3 year guarantee

Suitable for most gas or oil-fired boilers

Quick installation

CE marked and manufactured to ISO 9000 standards

Why buy from Greenvision Energy?

We are Green Deal Providers and specialise in cost-effective ways to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint by installing energy efficient measures to homeowners, tenants, commercial clients and trade partners. Our aim has always been to offer convenient, comprehensive solutions and to satisfy customers through expert advice, detailed product knowledge, fantastic value and the very highest levels of service. We pride ourselves on our levels of service and our number one objective is to save customers money!

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SKU GVEdeeter1
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Warranty 3 Years
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