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Commercial LED Lighting

Lighting accounts for 40% of your energy bill

Commercial Retail LED

New Outlook Nursing Home used to have an annual lighting bill of £4000 from the old, outdated incandescent panels and bulkheads in their 30 bed nursing home. On average, they were also spending £100 every month on calling out electricians to replace these dim bulbs. After a simple installation of brighter LED bulbs across the premises, New Outlook started saving £3000 each year on their lighting bill and were in a cash-flow positive situation by the end of day one. Commercial companies like New Outlook can not only save up to 90% on their annual energy bill, but can also cut replacement costs and minimise lighting maintenance, all by buying a product that is able to be offset against tax.

Tax Benefits

LED lighting is also part of the Energy Technology List, meaning that, after installing LEDs, companies can claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) to benefit from a 100% accelerated capital allowance that delivers all available tax relief in the first year – that’s equivalent to 5.5 times the benefit of standard tax relief in the first year of purchase.

Why Greenvision Energy?

New Outlook chose Greenvision to carry out their LED lighting replacement and installation because we supply quality products at competitive prices. We are an LED lighting ‘one stop shop’, taking you through the entire replacement process from survey to installation, including calculating your energy savings and the estimated return on investment. Easy and simple. And with our unique ‘Pay As You Save’ scheme, you can replace all your old lighting with energy-efficient, durable LED bulbs without the upfront cost.

Why switch to LEDs?    How easy are they to install?    The potential savings    What to watch for

Our Product Range

Commercial LED Panels

commercial led image box

Bulkheads Ceiling & Wall Lights

commercial bulkhead leds

LED Circular High Bay

LED Circular High Bay image

Commercial Batten LED's

Commercial batton led image

Greenvision's Pay As You Save

Though LEDs are extremely energy-efficient and are guaranteed to reduce your lighting bill, we understand that upfront costs can be daunting. That’s why we created our unique ‘Pay As You Save’ scheme, which allows you to replace all your old lighting with energy-saving, durable LED bulbs without the large upfront cost. You can then choose to spread the cost of your LEDs over 6, 9 or 12 months and the savings made by installing LEDs will cover the repayment costs!

LED Linear Low Bay lighting

LED Linear Low Bay

Commercial LED Lamps

Led lamps for commercial

LED emergency lighting

emergncy lighting leds

Commercial LED Floodlights

commercial led floodlights image

Not replacing your old lighting now is costing you money – installing LEDs guarantees savings immediately. Company cash flow stored in a business account is stagnant and accumulating little or no interest. Why not invest the money you’re not using into LEDs? Energy savings equal larger profits for your business.



Return on investment

Due to their immense energy savings, most Commercial LEDs pay for themselves within one to two years. With a life expectancy exceeding at least 20,000 hours, our range of Commercial LEDs are guaranteed to reduce your lighting bill by up to 95% for years after their return on investment. And with our unique 'Pay As You Save' scheme, you may even be eligible to replace all your lighting with energy-efficient LEDs with no upfront cost. Want to find out how much your property could save by installing Commercial LEDs? Request a Free Survey.


Why switch to Commercial LED lighting?

tick Outdated incandescent and halogen bulbs waste 95% of their electricity input by turning it into heat. An extremely efficient electricity conversion system means LED bulbs use up to 90% less energy than these inefficient bulbs

tickEfficient energy conversion technology enables LEDs to easily achieve the same light output of an incandescent or halogen bulb with a much higher wattage (a 5W LED bulb can emit a greater brightness than a 50W halogen bulb)

Part of the Energy Technology List, making companies installing LEDs eligible for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) tax break

tickLEDs are not made of fragile elements such as glass tubes and filaments, contributing to their durability – most commercial LEDs do not need to be replaced for at least 7 years

tickLEDs do not contain toxic materials like mercury and lead, which were common in old incandescent and halogen bulbs

tickAbsence of heat makes LEDs safer to handle


LEDs are direct replacements for older, inefficient bulbs so there is no need to change fittings – cheap and quick installation

Exceptionally quick return on investment – sometimes as quick as 5 months

tickThe advanced thermal management of LEDs, such as their thermoplastic heat sinks, drastically reduce lumen depreciation, prolonging the life of the bulb – some LEDs have an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours

Off-settable against tax

Can be automated, such as by installing bulkheads and high bays pre-built with occupancy sensors, so improving efficiency and further reducing energy bills

Choose the ‘Colour Temperature’ emitted by LED bulbs – warm, yellow light makes consumables look more appealing, but cool, white light can improve employee concentration by 37%. Light colour can affect everything from typing errors to mental health and even the amount of sleep employees get. Visit our Case Study page to find out more.

Halogen and incandescent bulbs are already being phased out by law in the domestic sector – be ahead of the curve by installing LEDs now

Reduces your carbon footprint


“LEDs now offer a real alternative to conventional lighting, with luminaire efficiencies exceeding traditional technology. This will help to reduce energy use for lighting, or help to facilitate higher lighting levels, but without increasing energy demand…there is no doubt that all major lighting manufacturers are investing in an LED future.” – World Green Building Council


red chair with leds

How easy is it to install Commercial LED lighting?

LEDs are designed as direct replacement for older, inefficient lighting systems such as halogen or incandescent bulbs. This means that there is usually no need to change light fittings – installation is easy, quick and cheap.

Whatever sector you’re in, Greenvision Energy can help. Our approach to LED lighting is to keep it simple. There are so many different types of commercial LED lights, so we will walk you through the entire lighting replacement process; we will conduct a lighting survey, calculate your potential energy saving and return on investment, and install all your new LEDs in a short, simple and painless process. In some cases, you won’t even have to pay for your LED lighting upfront; using our unique ‘Pay As You Save’ scheme, you can spread the cost of commercial LED lighting over 6, 9 or 12 months, allowing the savings made by installing LEDs to pay back the loan.


Pitfalls of LED lighting

Although LEDs are an excellent energy saving alternative, buying poor quality LEDs can be more than just an expensive mistake; the technology in early LED strip light replacement tubes was very rudimentary and there have incidences where installing cheap, faulty LED strip light replacement tubes has led to fires. The widespread consensus from leading LED manufacturers and professional installers is not to install cheap alternatives of these lights, and to instead ensure you are buying a good quality product. The LED strip light replacement tubes offered by Greenvision Energy, as with all of our products, are extremely good quality and are safe to use. Though not as cheap as some online alternatives, the prices of our LEDs are actually extremely competitive for the quality of our products.

Something else to watch out for with LEDs is the number of LED chips in the light (which often look like small yellow or orange squares). Counterintuitively, more LED chips does not mean that an LED bulb is better quality. In fact, it is often the opposite; a larger number of LED chips in a bulb reduces the distance between the chips, preventing the heat emitted by each chip from dispersing and instead allowing the heat to damage the chips. This reduces the lumen output of the bulb and so, also the bulb’s lifespan. It is therefore much more cost effective to invest in an LED with a smaller number of LED chips but with a larger lumen output. Remember: with LED chips, less is definitely more.   

Want to find out more about the LEDs? Check out our Commercial LED guide.