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We provide modern and cost-effective electric heating solutions.

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Heating Solutions for your businesses

Our electric heating solution for businesses setting new standards in energy efficiency, responsive, combining precision digital controls and an attractive slimline designer profile. Available in choice of colours, vertical space spacing options.

Take Control Of Your Energy Bills With Our Modern Heating Solutions

We are experts in modern and cost-effective electric heating solution for business. We install ultra-efficient, smart technology which will downsize your heating bills. Our dedicated energy experts perform complementary energy audits to make sure you are equipping your business with the most cost-effective equipment possible.

We have had years of experience in supplying commercial enterprises with smart electric heating solutions. Our expert advisors, supply networks and trusted roster of installers work together to make your heating upgrade run as smoothly as possible, with no interruptions to business.

Off gas solutions

Our electric heating solutions are quick to install. Unlike gas central heating there’s no pipe work, no fuss no mess and our installation are back by 10-year guarantee. It is also easy to programme with 5 pre-set programmes including a Smart Self-Learning programme.

Book your free no obligation survey to find out more about the our low energy consumption electric radiators. Call 0115 854 7498 or email

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  • Simple to use heating controls will allow you to customise the temperature of each room in your business
  • Significantly downsize your heating bills by remotely turning off the heating in rooms which you are not using
  • Increase the happiness of your employees and guests by maintaining a more comfortable working environment
  • Investing in modern heating systems will improve the cash flow of your business.


  • Recognises when employees open windows and turns heating off automatically
  • Recognises when rooms or buildings are empty and turns heating off automatically
  • Conserve energy and downsize your bills significantly
  • Invest in motion detection to become a more profitable, more environmentally friendly enterprise.


  • Our range of sleek, cost-effective electric radiators are easy to install and will generate an immediate reduction in your heating bills
  • We stock radiators optimised specifically for each room in your business. Contact us for guidance which is right for you
  • Fully WIFI enabled - control your business' heating system via a smartphone app from anywhere in the world
  • Our smart radiators can save you an average of 25% on your energy bills.

Electrical Heating is incredibly versatile

Electric heating is incredibly versatile as it can be used for both heating and water products. Moreover, with a whopping 64.7% of the energy used in EU households going towards heating, it is more important than ever to ensure your heating solution is energy efficient. Many products now include the latest developments in electric heating technology such as state-of-the-art programming, smart Wi-Fi electric heating apps and self-learning heating programmes that adapt to your lifestyle.

More control

Our electric radiators come with smart controls and digital accurate thermostats that control temperature variations to fractions of a degree. Less temperature variation means less energy used. You can set different temperatures and time setting for each room meaning if you just want to heat one room you can - no need to heat the whole house. Wi-Fi is now standard on most of our radiators meaning you can control your heating system from anywhere.

Lower upfront costs

Electric heating systems are easier and cheaper to install compared to gas central heating that requires pipes, vents and ducts. They don’t require flue or pipework so there are no restrictions on building layout or design. Nor are there any planning issues. A simple connection to the electric circuit is all that is required, so for new build properties, this means it can go in at the second fix wiring stage. You can build faster and with greater freedom.

Low maintenance and long guarantees

•Gas central heating requires maintenance that can be expensive. Each year annual maintenance, plumbing work and gas safety certificates rack up the pounds. Also, some modern condensing gas boilers are prone to breaking down and condensate pipes can freeze in the winter. Electric heating requires virtually no maintenance. There are no flues to inspect or a gas safety certificate to obtain. All that is needed is to keep your product clean, most likely with a damp cloth only. Some of our radiators come with a 20 year guarantee


Gas heating wastes energy through the pipework. As the heated water snakes its way through the pipe system, heat will radiate from the pipes. You will also have to activate the whole system, even if you just want a single radiator on. You can turn other radiators off, however, the boiler has to heat the whole tank of water in one location and send it to your desired radiator. With electric heaters, there is no heat loss between the power source and the heat output.

Value for money

Gas is cheaper than electricity to run on a daily basis, but when you add up the installation, plus maintenance and running expenses, along with the average length of a products lifetime, gas can be expensive. Electric heating is cheaper to install than gas, has no maintenance costs and lasts for up to 50% longer than the average gas boiler. It is also 100% efficient, meaning all the electricity you use and pay for converts into heat.

Could improve your homes energy performance certificate

If you are thinking of upgrading your heating because you are selling or renting your property, the electric heating system you install could lower or increase your energy performance certificate (EPC). This could have profound implications if you are renting as the law now state that your EPC rating must be a minimum of E rated.

Dimplex Quantum smart storage heater are BEAB approved which means they will improve the energy efficient rating of your property. Very useful for landlords and social housing or just selling your property. We can advise you on all your options

More sustainable

As we become more and more aware of the need to move towards a smarter and more sustainable approach to using energy, gas remains the UK’s biggest greenhouse gas emissions source. Gas systems produce damaging carbon emissions. On the other hand, electric heating is much cleaner and respectful to the environment as it does not emit polluting gases or use heavy metals.

Emma Stacey, John Dillon, Andover

"Both myself and John would like to say how impressed we were with the service from Greenvision, particular with the two chaps that attended. They were very courteous and tidy and even set all the settings on the radiators before leaving which I felt was above and beyond to the service. We were left with all the necessary paperwork and instructions and were extremely Greenvision were able to dispose of our old radiators. Fab job and we are very happy customers, lovely to come into a warm office without having to worry about turning it on and setting it ourselves."

G McTernan, London

“Greenvision has to be the most helpful company ever sent to my property. No mess and no confusion they just got the job done. What impressed me more than anything is that they saved me £220 by switching my energy tariff. How’s that for service! I was not expecting them to go the extra mile but this really made the difference.”

Sahra Bashi, London

“The service your company provides is top quality – from the initial survey right through to handing over. Installation was stress free and it greatly helps that the installers were courteous and clean. You showed genuine interest in saving me money on my electrical bills and I’m delighted to say that Greenvision saved me £180 by switching my tariff. I was never aware how simple this was! The new smart storage heaters are clearly going to save me even more on my electrical bills in the years to come.”

Pauline Miller, Surrey

“Seldom do I write about a company but I needed to in this case. I have had heaters from other companies, but the heaters I ordered from Greenvision Energy surpasses all others. One has to compare when buying these days and choose what suits, price, efficiency and service. There was no comparison in this case, Greenvision Energy is perfect in every way. This company excels.

It is nice to deal with a company that also has a very good aftersales service, a rare thing these days. Your quick response to my programming queries and energy saving advice was superb. Your sales co-ordinator Paul Campbell was especially helpful. Many thanks Greenvision Energy for all your help.”

Are electric radiators energy efficient and cost effective?

At Greenvision Energy all our radiators boast in-depth digital programmers that allow you to set heating schedules that reflect your lifestyle for each room in your house, ensuring you’re only using energy when you need heat. At the most sophisticated end of our range you’ll even find self-learning radiators equipped with motion detectors. They can learn your weekly routine keeping rooms warm when you’re in them and saving energy when you’re not by automatically reducing the temperature of a room if it’s not occupied.

With the open window detection feature, if a sudden drop in temperature is detected, the radiator will switch to minimum heat, helping you to save energy and needless cost.It’s important to remember that the cost of running electric heating also depends on your energy supplier and the tariff you are on! You should always shop around for the best tariff to lower the cost of your heating bills. As part of our installation service, we can check you’re on the right tariff for your energy needs and make sure you’re getting the best deal.Call us on: 0115 854 7498 Or email

Are electric radiators safe?

Electric radiators offer a very safe and reliable heating solution. With no boiler or any other internal combustion element there’s no risk of carbon monoxide production, so your electric heating system won’t need a regular service. With no pipes or water into your radiators there’s no risk of leaks and you’ll never have to bleed a radiator again. They are also fitted with thermal safety limiters which prevent overheating by cutting power to the radiator if the temperature rises above the set limit.

All our electric radiators conform to the electrical safety regulations set by the European Council. Check individual products for details.

Can I put an electric radiator in a bathroom?

We do not recommend electric radiators for bathroom installation. In most bathrooms, electric towel rails provide a more practical option, making better use of the space. They give you somewhere to hang your towels while also keeping the room warm. All towel rails for bathroom installation must be installed by a professional electrician.

Do electric radiators heat up quickly?

Electric radiators boast some of the fastest heat-up times on the market. Unlike gas central heating radiators, which must wait for water to be heated electric radiators start heating up from the moment they are switched on. Electric radiators with aluminium heating elements, such as the Atlantic Oniris offer fast heat up times and make great heating solutions for bedrooms where you may want fast-acting heating on a chilly night.

Are electric radiators eco-friendly?

Electric radiators are carbon neutral at point of use. This means that they do not produce carbon dioxide or other pollutants. When used with green electricity generated from sustainable energy sources, they offer one of the few entirely carbon free heating systems available.

Many of our electric radiators are also manufactured from recycled steel and aluminium. These radiators are also 100% recyclable – so when your radiators reach the end of their life, they won’t have to be thrown into landfill.

How do electric radiators compare to gas central heating?

Gas central heating is one of the most popular heating systems However, in the last few decades, electric heating technology has developed at such a rate that energy efficient electric radiators now offer an economical alternative. Innovative new thermal elements, fast and effective electrical components and state-of-the-art heating control features allow you to reduce your energy usage like never before Here are a few advantages electric radiators offer over gas central heating.

Gas central heating systems waste energy through the pipe system. As hot water makes its journey through the house towards the radiators, heat will radiate out from the pipes, needlessly heating the Another consideration with a piped heating system is that the entire system must be activated to use a single radiator – so you’ll be sending heat through the whole house even if you just want to heat a bedroom. Not so with electric radiators. With a short cable in place of the gas central heating pipe system, the radiators engage, individually, as soon as they are switched on, with no heat loss between the power source and the heater.

With gas central heating systems, a thermostat is usually fitted in a central location. This central thermostat will provide an unrepresentative temperature reading for the rest of the house. Temperatures will vary across your home but your gas central heating will work to heat the whole house whenever the temperature drops in the room with the thermostat regardless of the temperature in other rooms.

Each of our electric radiators includes a high precision thermostat built in to the body of the radiator. These thermostats provide accurate temperature readings for each room and will control each room separately, so the radiators in a draughty sitting room might switch on whilst the radiators in the next-door kitchen are off to maintain comfortable levels of heat. And the high precision thermostats are accurate to half a degree. They’re also cheaper to install than gas central heating and require very minimal maintenance

There’s no question that energy efficient electric radiators are far more effective and a more economical choice for principal home heating. However, panel heaters can give you a low-cost option which still allows you to effectively heat less used rooms such as a study, spare bedroom or conservatory.

What’s the difference between electric radiators and panel heaters?

Panel heaters are a form of low-cost home heaters which heat purely by convection. Because the elements which heat the air are unenclosed, the heaters are cheaper and easier to manufacture than electric radiators.

However, panel heaters are less efficient than electric radiators because convected heat is less efficient than radiated heat. This means that you’ll need to use more power to heat your room with panel heaters than you would with energy efficient electric radiators.

Panel heaters are also less durable than electric radiators because they have to work much harder to heat home spaces. This can give them significantly shorter lifespans than energy efficient radiators and they are not suitable for constant use. This is because the unenclosed elements can burn dust particles carried in the air which, over time, can cause wall blackening and damage to paintwork.

Innovative energy solutions for Nottingham Community Housing

An innovative energy project is well under way across Nottinghamshire, thanks to funds from National Energy Action (NEA). Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) received a charitable grant of over £350,000 to deliver the project, tackling fuel poverty in 74 properties across the county.

The funding, part of a national programme, the Technical Innovation Fund; Health and Innovation Programme, aims to facilitate community-level trials of innovative solutions utilising measures not traditionally within the scope of current fuel poverty and retrofit energy efficiency programmes.

Andrea Griffiths-James from NCHA said: “We are delighted to be awarded this grant to enable us to work with Green Vision Energy Ltd to deliver this energy saving programme.”

NCHA is committed to upgrading existing homes to improve energy efficiency and help reduce fuel bills for residents. The grant has funded the introduction of High Heat Retention, Smart Storage Heaters alongside further complimentary energy saving measures such as Voltage Optimisation; High Heat Retention Hot Water Cylinders and LED Lighting. Additionally, tenant training and tariff switching guidance has helped individuals to change old habits and save even further.

Jenny Saunders OBE, Chief Executive of NEA said: “This is a new and exciting programme for NEA. We know that the solutions to tackling fuel poverty require innovation and need to be tailored to local communities and this fund has given us the opportunity to test out a range of solutions.”

The work was completed at the end of September 2016; results will be evaluated during a two year monitoring programme to demonstrate the impact the project has made.

Boston Mayflower Housing Association Of Gas - Electric Heating

In 2015 Greenvision Energy were approached by Boston Mayflower Housing Association to look at replacing the heating system to two of their properties. We carried out surveys and talked with the tenants and housing officers to see what the main problems were with the existing systems, which were old storage heaters running on Economy 7.

The issues highlighted were:

No control over heat output, expensive top up heat used in the evenings, high pre-pay meter charges and condensation and damp issues

The Solution

We proposed to overhaul the heating system and install Dimplex Quantum Smart Storage heaters, alongside Dimplex Qrad radiators in the bedrooms and a new Dimplex water heater. Every aspect of the project, from initial survey through to installation and tenant training was managed by Greenvision Energy and was carried out professionally and quickly by our team of experienced installers. We also carried out additional services such as tariff switching and energy saving advice to help the tenants save even more

Hassle-free installation

 We offer a one-stop-shop - Survey, installation funding and monitoring and our services include: 

  • Free Survey 
  • Free planning and design service 
  • Free advice on how achieve the best efficient from your new radiators 
  • Disposal of your old equipment

 We’ll even check you’re on the right tariff for your business potentially saving you thousands per year.



Reducing energy bills since 2011

With years of experience we work closely with homeowners, tenants, commercial clients, trade partners, and landlords and letting agents to provide everything needed to be more energy efficient, reduce energy bills and also the carbon footprint.

We can help with every aspect of energy efficiency and we’re passionate about offering customers a comprehensive range of the latest products, expert advice, fantastic value and the very highest levels of service.

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