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Commercial Energy Saving Advice

Greenvision Energy has helped hundreds of businesses reduce energy bills by thousands of pounds per year without building work or stressful installations.


Running a business can be difficult, especially when it comes to budgeting. With overheads like employee salaries, benefits, products, rental space and more, many businesses neglect considering the cost of their energy bills, assuming that what they are paying is what they always have to pay. In fact, with just a few simple and cost-effective energy efficient measures, you can reduce your energy and water bills by thousands of pounds a year. Some of these methods, like switching your energy tariff, can be done in five minutes!

We want to make sure that businesses are always informed about their energy supply and usage, and that their company is getting the best energy savings through energy efficiency measures. That's why we wrote this comprehensive guide to lead you through your commercial energy options and all possible energy efficiency solutions. We've looked at the top four areas where businesses typically pay too much: heating, lighting, water and their general power supply. Can’t find what you're looking for? We are always available to give free and impartial advice on any of your energy efficiency questions and queries. Contact us on 0115 854 7498 or via

First things first...


Get an energy audit done!

Energy audits evaluate your energy efficiency and identify which areas are costing you the most money. Once you have a clearer idea of your energy usage you’ll be in a more informed position to decide which areas to target. Unlike some energy companies, Greenvision will always recommend the best energy efficiency solutions for your particular company and building after analysing your unique situation. At Greenvision Energy, it’s the people that make the difference.

If you can't find what you're looking for or would like to know more about commerical energy efficiency, please contact us on 0115 854 7498 or via We are always happy to give free and impartial advice on any of your energy efficiency questions and queries.



The top four most expensive energy areas:

Number 1:


Heating typically accounts for the majority of your energy bill, stretching into the thousands of pounds every year. Did you know that reducing your thermostat by just 1°C can cut your heating bill by up to 10%? It’s definitely time to think about energy efficient heating solutions.

FlameImprove your heating controls – place accurate thermostats in the correct places, not under open windows or next to external doors. Install a good quality programmer to implement heating plans and zones throughout your business. If you don't have a programmable thermostat, you should definitely look into it. A programmable thermostat would enable you to only heat or air condition your building when there are people working on the premises, greatly reducing heating costs. It may even be worth looking at a smart thermostat which would learn the routine of your business, only providing heat when you need it. And with smart Geofencing and IFTTT technology, you'd never be caught out, no matter the change of plan: your property would always be at your desired temperature on arrival.

FlameInsulation - Insulation acts as a barrier to heat loss and heat gain, especially in roofs and ceilings, walls and floors. Insulation is often the most practical and cost effective way to make a property more energy efficient, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter and saving up to 40% on heating and cooling bills in the process. In addition, insulation may reduce condensation, reducing the chance of mould and damp appearing in your property. This can provide both health and financial benefits.

If your office or work place isn’t yet insulated, take a look at our insulation pages or contact us on 0115 854 7498 or via for a free, no obligation quote. Why not check out our funding page? We can help you with government and well as Greenvision financial aids to help you insulate your premises.

FlameLook out for small drafts that may leak the air - Small drafts can result in businesses losing substantial portions of their heating and cooling costs. Proper air sealing of the work environment can eliminate these drafts and should not be an expensive process. Though the upfront cost may be daunting, replacing old windows and doors with double or triple glazed units is a worthwhile investment that could significantly reduce your heating bill in the long-term.

FlameUpgrade all outdated and inefficient equipment - Old technology, such as heaters or air conditioning systems, could be using an excessive amount of power unnecessarily while also producing inadequate results. This is not just bad for the environment, but is likely to significantly impact your energy bill, causing you to spend far more than necessary to heat and cool your premises. Replacing these old, inefficient devices with modern, advanced alternatives is a great way to drastically reduce your energy bills and, in some cases, can actually increase the value of your property. Immense energy savings equal a quick return on investment.


Number 2:


No matter what your business, good lighting is essential and not an area where you want to cut corners. But what if we told you that with one installation you can reduce your lighting bill by up to 90% without compromising on light quality?

LightbulbLED lighting - LEDs use 95% less energy than outdated incandescent and halogen bulbs while emitting the same - if not greater - light output. They also last much longer than old bulbs, with some lasting up to 50,000 hours. That means reduced maintenance and replacement costs, as well as huge energy savings. Installing LEDs does not require an electrician as they are designed as direct replacements for inefficient halogen and incandescent bulbs - installation is quick and cheap.

Unlike with older bulbs, you can choose the ‘Colour Temperature’ emitted by LED bulbs. Warm, yellow light makes consumables look more appetising, but cool, white light can improve employee concentration by 37%. Light colour can affect everything from typing errors to mental health and even the amount of sleep employees get. Visit our Case Study page to find out more.

LED lighting is also part of the Energy Technology List, meaning that, after installing LEDs, companies can claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) to benefit from a 100% accelerated capital allowance that delivers all available tax relief in the first year – that’s equivalent to 5.5 times the benefit of standard tax relief in the first year of purchase.

LightbulbAutomated Lighting. LED lighting can also be automated, such as by installing bulkheads and high bays pre-built with occupancy sensors, so improving efficiency and further reducing energy bills. If you don't want to replace all your existing bulbs, devices like the lets you control all of your commercial lighting using your phone from anywhere in the world. Create schedules and set timers so that you maximise your work place's energy efficiency.


Number 3:


No matter what your business, good lighting is essential and not an area where you want to cut corners. But what if we told you that with one installation you can reduce your lighting bill by up to 90% without compromising on light quality?

Water dropletToilets - ‘Dual flush’ toilets – where the user can choose how much water to use – have drastically gained popularity in the past few years due to them typically saving 7 to 9 litres of water per flush. If you’re not looking for a permanent installation, a Cistern Displacement Device (‘CDD’) might be the water-saving solution for you. These simple yet innovative products, such as Hippo the Water Saver, are simply placed in the cistern but save one litre per flush. This cheap alternative is an incredibly easy and hassle-free way to save water and money, making them ideal for hotels, schools, hospitals, offices and anywhere else with a large number of bathrooms.

Water dropletTaps - A running tap wastes over 6 litres of water per minute, but this can be reduced by up to 60% with advanced tap aerators. Tap aerators blend air into your water stream, reducing the amount of water needed while actually improving water pressure and always producing a steady, even and powerful spray. Most water-saving taps are now built with aereators included, but you can also buy aereators individually to install yourself. With just this one simple installation you can drastically reduce the water flow through your taps without compromising on water pressure. Tap aerators are perfect for any business, but the most significant savings are going to be seen for businesses with a large number of bathrooms, such as in university accommodation and large offices.

Water dropletShowers - Though not applicable to many businesses, advanced aerated showerheads are ideal for commerical ventures where residents or guests are involved, such as nursing homes and hotels. Since aerated showerheads also reduce water consumption by up to 60%, these water saving devices are also ideal for landlords. This solution does not require the existing shower system to be changed –replace the current shower head with one that is aerated in under one minute and showers immediately cost you 60% less! The savings from installing an aerated showerhead, like the Oxygenics Waterfall Curve, is so great that customers see a return on their investment in just one year.


Number 4:


Taking energy efficiency measures can only do so much if you're paying an excessive amount for your energy to start with. Contrary to what many believe, it's easy to switch commercial energy tariffs, and huge savings can be made from taking advantage of Government tax breaks and aids.

Electricity boltTariffs - Since business electricity is not often advertised, many commercial clients do not realise that business electricity is an incredibly competitively market. That means energy suppliers offer exceptionally competitive prices and tariff options to get your company to choose their business. Though the best tariff for your requirements may be with your current energy provider, it could just as easily be offered by another company.

With such variety, commercial tariff switching can seem daunting, but we make it a quick, stress and hassle-free process. Once we've gained a complete understanding of your business, we can provide you with a full picture of your energy usage, negotiate the best deal for your needs and continually monitor your energy usage, tariff and supplier to ensure you're never paying more than you need to. Using this service has typically saved our customers in excess of 15% on their energy bill. For answers to all of your tariff swapping questions, check out our Commercial Tariff Switching guide.

Electricity boltTax Breaks and Financial Incentives - Local and national government provide numerous tax incentives to buy energy saving appliances for your business use that helps to reduce your energy usage, such as the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) for installing technology on the Energy Technology List. It's even worth phoning your electricity provider as some public utility companies offer rebates for energy saving measures. There are also numerous grants and schemes running providing funding for the installation of energy efficient measures. Take a look at our funding page for a list of the currently available financial incentives.

Electricity boltRenewable technology - Consider installing a type of renewable technology, such as solar energy. Though they may have a large upfront cost, there are many different suppliers offering feed in tariffs and renewable heat incentives and there is Government funding to help with the installation cost of renewable technologies. Why not have a look at our < ahref="/funding">funding page to see how you can make installing renewable technologies affordable and the most cost effective?


Energy Efficiency

Why Greenvision Energy?

Greenvision Energy has been installing and advising on energy efficient measures for over half a decade. With our dedicated team of energy efficiency experts, you can be sure that our professional and impartial advice is honest and reliable, whether you’re a homeowner, tenant, commercial client, trade partners, landlord or letting agent. We subscribe to the ‘whole house’ approach of energy efficiency and can offer advice and services related to all areas of energy usage including hot water cylinders, LED lighting and energy-saving heating systems. Our aim has always been to offer comprehensive solutions and to satisfy customers through expert advice, detailed product knowledge, fantastic value and the very highest level of service. We’re also an accredited Green Deal approved provider, authorised by the Government to provide funding and installation for energy efficient measures.

Past Clients

Our clients come from a range sectors and include housing associations, education establishments, nursing homes, landlords and the hospitality industry. Previous work we’ve done includes carrying out a radiator efficiency study for The University of Nottingham and heating installations for the Guinness, Boston Mayflower and Freshwater housing associations. Lords Cricket Ground and the Royal Academy of Music have also used our services.

All our clients receive the same friendly, helpful and professional service that we pride ourselves on - that's guaranteed. Contact us on 0115 854 7498 or via for free, impartial advice from our energy saving experts.