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Commercial Energy Saving Solutions

We are experts in energy efficiency & carrying out commercial energy audits. We provide cost effective solutions that can reduce your energy costs, carbon footprint and give fast return on your investment. We enable you to make informed decisions through an energy audit and product trials by installing and maintaining a wide range of energy saving products. We Identify funding options, grants and tax advantages that are available for your business.

We have worked with commercial organisations of every kind and a variety of sectors which include: housing associations & landlords, health care, hotels and education establishments. We give our clients much improved control over heating and lighting and enable them to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. As part of our service we will even check to make sure that you are on the best energy tariff which can save you £1,000s per year. When was the last time you switched? Commercial Tariff Switching

Why should I think about improving the energy efficiency of my building? If you want to reduce your tax liability, put cash that is earning no interest in your bank account to good work and reduce overheads commercial energy efficiency is the way to go. You don’t even have to pay up front. You can take advantage of Greenvision’s Pay as You Save Scheme for your energy saving measures such as LED Lighting. Also, there may be grants available that can help reduce your initial expenditure. Apply for free commercial energy audit

How much will it cost & how can I fund it? Energy efficiency doesn’t have to be expensive. Just by spending a few hundred pounds could yield significant savings. By installing LED lighting for example, you can reduce your lighting bill by up to 90%. Take advantage of leasing & finance packages that you can offset against tax.

How do I get started & will it take a lot of my time? At Greenvision we keep commercial energy efficiency simple. Complete the form below and we will contact you by phone for an initial consultation which takes approximately 10 mins. We establish if we can save you money and give a quick return on your investment. We would then book a full energy audit, present an energy report, install & project manage any chosen efficiency measures and monitor energy savings. The whole process can be completed very quickly.

Featured Products

Do you have a poorly insulated building?

Herschel Infrared Heaters are the perfect solution for heating rooms that have poor insulation and leak heat. Infrared heaters heat objects, which then radiate back to keep the environment warm around you just like the warm feeling you get from the sun.

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Reduce Your Lighting Bill by up to 90%

Reduce your overheads and increase your profits with LED Lighting and get a return on your investment in less than 12 months. Also, installing LED lighting will improve your EPC rating and save on maintenance costs.

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Off-gas heating solution


The Rointe Delta low energy consumption electric radiator is ideal for buildings without a gas supply. It is beautifully designed & looks great in any environment. Set different times & temperatures for different rooms from anywhere via a web app.

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Lower energy bills and earn tax free income

Generate your own electricity and earn a tax free income for 20 years. Reduce carbon emissions, fuel bills and protect your business from rising electricity bills. Solar PV is a great investment and it enhances your green credentials.

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Reduce Water Consumption by 60%

Do you have high water demands at peak times? Oxygenics showerheads reduce water consumption by 60% and also reduce energy usage, still giving a really exhilarating shower.

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Reduce Tenants Electricity Bill by up to 15%

Voltage Optimisation reduces your energy bill & also extends the life of electrical equipment, because voltage supplied from the National Grid into business (Average 240V) is higher than that required by most electrical appliances (220V).

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Why chose Greenvision Energy?

We are passionate about energy efficiency and our number one objective is to save you money and give quick return on your investment. We are friendly & approachable and have supplied our products / services to Royal Academy Music, Lords Cricket Ground, and many other companies. We offer one stop shop for energy efficiency as we manage the whole process for you. Further benefits include reducing maintenance and repair costs and ensuring that you are compliant with current legislation.

We supply, install and maintain energy saving products from leading brands. Our long standing relationships with manufacturers means we can offer market leading pricing, extended guarantees and maintenance packages for complete peace mind. We are an independent company so you can rely on impartial advice and guidance on which brands and products are best suited to your business; an energy audit or survey can be a useful starting point and can also identify any funding and grants available.