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Help Us Help Your Charity's Clients Through Affordable Warmth

Greenvision Energy specialise in applying for and securing government funding to equip UK residents with new storage heaters for their homes. The Affordable Warmth (Help to Heat) scheme outfits tenants with state of the art Dimplex Quantum smart storage heaters. As BEAB approved devices, the Quantum range can cut heating bills by up to 27% while giving tennants the freedom to tailor their home heating system to suit their comfort and health requirements. The Quantum range will directly raise EPC and SAP ratings while signifianctly downsizing the day to day living costs for some of the UK's poorest residents.

Affordable Warmth provides all of this with up to 100% funding for qualifying residents. As funding and energy saving experts, our staff are here to complete the complicated application process on your clients' behalf. From applying, to supplying, to installing to monitoring, we handle every step of the funding process.

As accredited Green Deal providers and members of the NEA, we have years of experience in securing funding and managing install operations to make them as simple and hassle free as possible. When your clients apply for Affordable Warmth funding through us, we also perform a free energy audit to find other funded means through which they can upgrade their home heating system.

We will make a donation to your charity for every successful Dimplex install that you help us fulfil.




What is the Affordable Warmth (Help to Heat) Scheme?

Cold homes pose a serious threat to both physical and mental wellbeing. The Affordable Warmth scheme is designed to ensure that everyone in the UK can afford to keep their home warm. As part of the Energy Companies' Obligation (ECO), the scheme administers funding for those who meet government criteria. Qualifying applicants will recieve up to a 100% grant to install Dimplex Quantum smart storage heaters in their home.

Affordable Warmth reduces the cost of day-to-day living, giving struggling tennants and homeowners more money to spend on essentials like food and clothing.





Who Qualifies for these Storage Heater Grants?

green circle   Homeowners & tennants who are on benefits

green circle   Landlords & estate agents, especially those with private tenants who are on benefits

green circle   Anyone with old, inefficient storage heaters or no home heating at all

If you’re unsure about eligibility, simply apply anyway. Even if your clients do not qualify for Affordable Warmth, we can point you toward other funded electric heating schemes available that are not means tested.





Why Apply for a Replacement Storage Heater Grant?

Modern storage heaters will make a real difference to both energy bills and comfort. The aim of the Affordable Warmth Scheme is to make heating affordable for everyone in the UK, and a storage heater replacement grant will help achieve this.

Like old storage heaters, Dimplex Quantums are designed to make the most of the Economy 7 tariff, storing heat overnight while electricity is cheaper. Unlike older models, new storage heaters are better insulated and use fans for even greater control over heat output. Dimplex gives you complete control over when you want your heaters to be turned on and precisely how warm you want them to be. Dimplex units typically cost hundreds of pounds each, but affordable warmth makes these top of the range storage heaters available with up to 100% funding.



Dimplex Quantums vs. Standard Storage Heaters

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Customer Testimonials

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Free Storage Heater Upgrades

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Why Choose Greenvision to Help Your Community?

Greenvision specializes in providing those in need with top of the range storage heaters that are up to 100% funded. We handle every step of the process, so all you need to do is apply…

tick   Free advice and home survey to verify eligibility

tick   We’ll arrange the install to a time that's convenient to the homeowner or tenant and landlord

tick   A member of our trusted supply network will handle the install

tick   Full walkthrough of how to operate the new heating system

tick   Even if your client does not qualify, our ECO funding experts can point you toward other grant schemes

Your charity will receive a donation for every install opportunity you send our way.