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Why should I not install a standard storage heater?

Supposedly, storage heaters take advantage of the Economy 7 tariff to store cheap heat at night and release it steadily in the day. In reality, old storage heaters do not have any temperature or timing controls, resulting in the house being too hot during the day and running out of heat at night when you need it most. Many people then have to plug in additional heaters in the evening, such as expensive panel or fan heaters. With old storage heaters, you also can’t vary temperature between rooms, such as making your bedroom cooler or your lounge warm in the evenings. All of these problems can be fixed by installing a smart storage heater: the best alternative to a standard storage heater.

Why is the ‘smart’ Dimplex Quantum the best alternative to a standard storage heater?

The Dimplex Quantum is the most advanced storage heater in the world and the best alternative to old, inefficient storage heaters. This fantastic energy-efficient storage heater is the only storage heater recommended by the Government to improve your property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Due to its superior heat storage technology, the Dimplex Quantum is 27% cheaper to run than the standard storage heater.

Other benefits of the Dimplex Quantum:

Fully programmable to fit your lifestyle using the simple LED display

Thermostatically controlled – only releases heat when your home needs it, minimising costs by reducing unnecessary heat

Attractive, state-of-the-art, compact design covers previous ‘fixing marks’ left by most old storage heaters – no need to redecorate. Heater feet adjustable to fit in holes left by previous storage heaters.

47% cheaper to run than a convector heater

Boost option available for unexpected heat demands

Zero maintenance costs and a 10 year warranty for complete peace of mind

Greenvision can install your entire home in one day for stress-free storage heater replacement – we will even check you are on the right tariff for your energy needs to ensure you are getting the best deal from your energy provider

How does the Dimplex Quantum save me money?

dimplex storage heater bedroom

Like a traditional storage heater, the Dimplex Quantum takes advantage of low rate, off-peak electricity such as Economy 7 and 10. The key feature of the industry-leading Dimplex Quantum that makes it the best alternative to standard storage heaters is its smart iQ controller, through which the advanced Dimplex Quantum can be programmed to release its stored heat at specific times and temperatures based on your lifestyle, instead of continuously releasing heat throughout the day. Only heating your home when you need it is a simple but highly effective method of greatly reducing your heating bill.

The Dimplex Quantum also minimises problems common to old storage heaters, such as heat lost and unnecessary heating. This is possible because heat stored in the Dimplex Quantum is encased in a highly insulated Microform compartment, ensuring high heat retention for maximum energy efficiency. The Dimplex Quantum’s unique and sophisticated self-learning algorithm is able calculate how long to charge the heater depending on your lifestyle and pre-set times and temperatures. It will then only charge the heater for the amount of heat you require. Unlike an old storage heater, the Dimplex Quantum can even take into account external weather conditions when charging your heater.


Dimplex Quantum vs. a standard storage heater


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Dimplex Quantum Smart Storage Heater Range

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Buy your new Dimplex Quantum Smart Storage Heater with no upfront cost and interest-free payments - complete fit and installation service

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Why choose Greenvision to supply and install your Dimplex Quantum?

Greenvision Energy are accredited stockists, suppliers and installers of Dimplex products, so you can be sure that we offer quality products at competitive prices. With Greenvision Energy, you don’t need to worry at any stage of the installation process; we will take you from your free survey and easy to understand quote all the way through to installation, including calculating your potential savings and return on investment. Our fully certified network of friendly electrical installers are approved to install Dimplex products across the UK and we will even check that you are on the right tariff for your needs so that you get the best deal from your energy provider.

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We pride ourselves on the helpfulness and efficiency of our customer service team, and we never pressure people into sales. We can also recommend other energy saving measures to reduce energy bills while maximising comfort in your home, such like LED lighting, insulation and energy efficient hot water cylinders.

Greenvision Energy also offers flexible and affordable payment plans to make the upfront cost of installation less daunting. With our unique Low Rate Home Improvement Plan and interest-free payment options, you choose the terms of the loan and how much interest you want to pay. The savings you make each month will go towards covering the cost of your new Quantum heaters, ensuring that you pay as little as possible.

Want to find out more or receive a free quote? We are always happy to give free and impartial advice on any of your energy efficiency questions and queries. Contact us on 0115 854 7498 or via

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